Agricultural Mechanization is capital intensive hence there is need to have a supporting finacial institution. FMCB has been playing this role for TOHFAN since 2014, the relationship we have with FCMB is quite impressive and has help build our business. In May 2014 Facility was provided for about 27 tractor for members across the country.

Working together is helping FCMB break grounds in the area of Agricultural financing and giving both parties a win-win situation.

The impressive conditions of our partnership with FCMB is growing stronger as we continue to work together, FCMB will be increasing its support by facilitating about 100 tractors to members across d country in March 2015. The cordial relationship and buisness enviroment we enjoy with FCMB can never be over emphasized.

We at TOHFAN hope that other financial institution will take a cue of this kind of partnership to develop the Nigerian agricultural sector.


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