Consultancy Services

It is important to note that with our wealth of experience, we render consultancy services to farmers and investors who wish to venture into agriculture. Some of our consultancy services include;
• Capacity development for your team on GAP (Good Agronomic Practises)
Some of the reasons why farmers don’t make profit is due to the poor Agronomic practises they carry out. Good Agronomic practices are a vital part of farming systems. These are practices that farmers incorporate to improve soil quality, enhance water usage, manage crops and improve the environment.
With our wealth of knowledge in wise investment strategies, skilled crop rotation, soil analysis and machinery maintenance, we ensure we transfer this wealth on knowledge to your business to convert to profit
• Business strategy around your outgrower or contracting farming
Our out-grower scheme which is a contractual partnership between TOHFAN and farmers varies considerably in the extent to which inputs, costs, risks and benefits are shared between TOHFAN and farmers. Partnerships may be short or long-term and offer farmers a wider range of benefits.
• Monitoring and evaluation of your Agric development project


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