Tractor Hiring Services

Our core value is Customer Satisfaction and we try as much as possible to put the customer’s interest first that’s why we have made our hiring services affordable and convenient for every farmer. Our tractor hiring services is as follows:

Tractors normally do three hectares per day for ploughing and the rate per hectare for ploughing is N25,000.

For harrowing a tractor normally does six hectares per day and the rate is N12,500 per hectare.

For ridging a tractor does six hectares per day which and the rate is N12,500 per hectare.

With our charges of N25,000 for ploughing per hectare, N12,500 for harrowing and ridging per hectare TOHFAN has successfully made farming a very lucrative business for farmers.

With a hectare measuring the same size of standard football field or 100 by 100-Msq, a farmer will need about thirty people to do ploughing in a day. With the hiring of these thirty people, a farmer is likely to pay each labourer between 1,000 – 1,500 naira and they may not even complete the ploughing in a day.

If you compare TOHFAN’s mechanization strategy and the labour intense system you will see TOHFAN’s method is a lower cost and it is more efficient and time saving.

By using mechanisation farmers are assured of increase in productivity and income. By saying this, if you cultivate one hectare and you use mechanised means you will see that you will have increase in yield per unit hectare and the income will be high.


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