We at TOHFAN promote the use of tractors for various purposes one of which is Haulage Services, often the access roads from farms are usually not very good as such transporting farm produce becomes challenging we at TOHFAN see a win-win situation in these services.
Tractors are strong and rugged able to move in all kinds of road, hence we see a big business opportunity in these areas which we are keying into encouraging and building the capacity of our members to leverage on this chances to grow in the business.

We also build the confidence of our client with the use of latest technologies such as tracking of our fleet of tractors. Hence we can provide them with a precise location of their goods at any point in time before it gets to the desired location.

Tractor Haulage has the capacity to carry goods of different weights and sizes. Our services are not limited to harvesting seasons alone, as farm house construction materials are part of goods we also transport etc.


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