TOHFAN was invited for the Annual National Agricultural Extension Review and Planning Meeting with took place at the National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Service (NAERLS), Ahmadu Bello University, Samaru Zaria. The Extension review and planning meeting is a forum which all stakeholder in the agricultural sector around the country come together to review all their activites of the year. The stakeholders are invited from Mainly Agricultural sector, National Agricultural Research Institutes (NARIS), Agro Input actors (Seed Vendors, Fertilizer manufacturers and retailers, Researchers, NGO’s, State ADP’s (Agricultural Development Projects), International organizations etc. TOHFAN shared its experinces, challenges, in the field our session generated quite a number of responses and questions, the forum also provided us with opportunity to find new partners that will require our services and those we could as well require. Participant are also expected to come along with their next years (2015) work plan so that other stakeholders can key in, it is at this forum that the National Agricultural calendar is Draw.

C2 Gaskiya Road By Magume Junction, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria