About Us

One of the problems restraining increased food production in Nigeria is poor access to farm mechanisation by farmers. Tractor Owners and Hiring Facilities Association of Nigeria (TOHFAN) was established in 2003 with 9 tractors and 36 members to provide tractor hiring services to farmers on a commercial basis. Currently the association operates in 31 States across the country with 552 tractors and 1423 members.

The association plans to have members in every State in Nigeria. TOHFAN is managed by a team of executive members from the head office in Zaria, Kaduna State comprising of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Public Relations Officer. At the State level, the association is managed by an executive committee that has similar positions as the head office. TOHFAN is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in Abuja (CAC/IT No 49938).

Vision & Mission

The vision of TOHFAN is to be the preferred provider of sustainable tractor hiring services among farmers in every State in Nigeria and FCT. TOHFAN facilitates access to sustainable tractor hiring services by farmers in every State in Nigeria and FCT through private partnership and capacity building

Core Values

  • Right of choice
  • Value for money
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Transparency


  • To improve farmers’ access to tractor hiring services
  • To ensure farmers’ satisfaction with tractor hiring services provided by members of the association
  • To improve members’ access to credit facilities from banks and other financial institutions for the procurement of tractors
  • To enhance direct procurement of tractors and genuine spare parts from vendors and manufacturers within and outside the country
  • To increase the membership strength of the association across the country
  • To facilitate access to training and after-sales services for spare parts by members
  • To raise awareness of activities of the association among stakeholders in the country

C2 Gaskiya Road By Magume Junction, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria